5 Tips to Ensure Your Denim Doesn't Fade

February 26, 2024

5 Tips To Ensure Your Denim Doesn't Fade

Some people are absolutely obsessed with the look of faded, ripped jeans. Much like many new styles and trends, there are as many people now looking to buy faded jeans as there are ones looking for that brand new look! With that said, there are still many of us who want to prevent fading in our jeans or denim products.  

Looking to learn how to prevent jeans from fading? How to wash jeans? Or how to wash denim products of all kinds? The expert team at 4J Laundromat has got you covered! Read below to learn essential laundry tips to keep your jeans fresh and colorful.  


Jeans and similar denim products are perhaps the most susceptible to dye bleed. In other words, you’ll begin to notice that your jeans are fading from that classic denim blue color faster than most of your other articles of clothing.

To prevent this loss of color and feel, you’ll need to set the dyes! One old-fashioned, yet effectively proven, way to set the dye is by turning your jeans inside out and soaking them in a solution of 1 gallon of cold water, 2-3 tablespoons of salt, and a cup of vinegar for one hour. After an hour, drain the jeans and wash them with a cold rinse.  

Less Washing

If you’re trying to figure out how to prevent jeans from fading, you might need to look first at how often you’re washing them! This tip may seem a bit shocking, as most people agree that cleaning your clothes regularly is important, hygienic, and simply less...gross. In reality, the thick and durable nature of jeans allows them to be worn out far more than one time between washing cycles.

At 4J, we suggest that jeans can be worn 5 times before washing unless of course there is a major spill or large stain. Constant washing will prove to quickly fade colors.

Wash Denim Differently Than Other Clothes

Now that you know how often to wash them, it’s really important to know how to wash jeans. As mentioned above, you may need to add some extra care and extra time to these clothes to ensure the proper color stays intact. The first thing to consider is temperature. Always use the coldest cycle possible, and even consider turning your jeans inside out so that you can reduce friction that causes dies to fade. For big families, we suggest laundering everyone’s jeans together, which can actually help to promote that blue color in every pair. 

Do Not Dry

Something you should consider, not just for learning how to wash denim, but for every laundering process, is utilizing an indoor drying rack. As you know, dryers produce incredible amounts of heat that then open up certain fibers in your clothing. The dry and tumbling atmosphere inside a dryer works to actively fade colors and allow dies to escape from your jeans. Dry-hanging, though a bit time-consuming, will produce a much better result for your denim.

Call 4J for the Best Laundering Experience!

As a top-rated, 24-hour local laundromat, we’ve really seen it all when it comes to laundry. Our expert team has the experience and the knowledge to tackle any article of clothing and perform any style of laundering that you prefer. Our team also works around your busy schedule to ensure your clothes are perfectly cleaned at the right time. Call us today at (215) 334- 2839 to learn more about how we can help keep your jeans looking fresh and clean! 

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