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Benefits of Using a Large Capacity Washer in Fishtown

March 11, 2024

Benefits Of Using A Large Capacity Washer In Fishtown

Are you doing loads and loads of laundry because your washer is not big enough? Does it feel like you are over flooding your washer with piles of dirty clothes? Do you feel your clothes are not getting as clean as they should be because there are so many shoved into your washer? With just a little bit of research, you could find a washing machine that works for you and all your clothes. Having a large washing machine seems like a no-brainer, but most Fishtown households are not equipped for a top load washer. Would you rather do countless, smaller loads of laundry or one big load and be done?

While saving up your dirty clothes throughout the week and doing one big load of laundry seems ideal, big washing machines can cause more problems than they solve in your Fishtown home. Big washers tend to use more water and energy than smaller washers. Over time, this can have a sustainable impact on your home’s environment and water bill. When considering if you should purchase a larger capacity washer for your home, you may look into the idea of using a laundromat for massive loads of laundry. When pondering this thought, it is common to search, “laundromat with large capacity washers near me”. At 4J Laundromat, we have washers that can fit up to 80 pounds of clothes!

The Best Large Capacity Washers

Finding the best, large-capacity washers for your family is not an easy task. There is a lot to consider including the cycle time, specialized wash cycles for your delicate or different items, the water, and power usage, and more. Also, with a large capacity washer, you will want an equally large dryer. Finding and purchasing the best large capacity washer and dryer can be very time-consuming and get rather pricey. By using a laundromat for your unbearable loads, you will save time and money. At 4J Laundromat, our state-of-the-art Huebsch® washing and drying machines come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your laundry needs.

Why Choose 4J Laundromat


It is important to remember that washing machines are not one-size-fits-all. Even when a large washing machine seems appealing, it may not be the most functional for your household. At 4J Laundromat, our variety of machines can fit all your needs. We have everything from our double loaders machines for loads ranging from 14 to 20 pounds to our enormous washers that can hold up to 80 pounds of clothes! When it comes to drying your clothes, do not worry. Our extra-large dryers can dry up to 75 pounds.

Why continue your search for the best large capacity washer when 4J Lauromat is here for you? 

With our Cyberlaundry phone app, free drying with any wash, and the most current models of our washers and dryers, using a laundromat for your large loads will save you time and money. 4J Laundromat offers you these large capacity washers and dryers because we want to make your laundry experience quick and easy. We are open 24-hours, seven days a week, so come wash with us!

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