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Best Tips for Removing Odor From Your Favorite Workout Clothes

March 25, 2024

Best Tips For Removing Odor From Your Favorite Workout Clothes

Whether you’re obsessed with the gym or have just started a new workout regiment as part of your New Year’s Resolution, the one negative thing about an active lifestyle can be the smell of workout clothes! To top it off, much of today’s popular workout clothing comes at a high price, making you want to keep them clean and smelling fresh even more. 


When it comes to activewear, the team at 4J Laundromat, a local full-service laundromat in Philadelphia, wants to help you make sure your clothes never stink again! In this blog, we’ll be detailing some expert tips on how to remove odor from clothes and how to wash workout clothes! 

Start With Soaking!

For those extra pungent workout clothes, a traditional wash and dry cycle are not going to help rid of the smell. In fact, it might even make things worse! The key for this process is to start with a soaking process with the principal ingredient of distilled white vinegar. You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m trying to figure out how to remove odor from clothes and your tip is vinegar?” Yes, vinegar has its own distinct smell but it also works incredibly well in killing bacteria and eliminating other odors. Using a combination of white distilled vinegar and cold water in a tub, soak the clothing for about 30 minutes before finally washing. 

Detergent is Key!

The majority of activewear brands utilize materials made from moisture-wicking microfibers. These products clearly are meant to dry quickly as you work out and accumulate body sweat while exercising. Unfortunately for the smell, however, it also means that these fabrics often repel the water and detergents away from the clothes during the washing process. Simply adding more detergent will not make the situation better, it’s important to carefully read the instructions on both the clothing tags and the detergent bottles to ensure a proper fit. 

Consider the Temperature!

As for every laundering cycle, the way in which you utilize hot and cold water temperatures is crucial to the long-term odor of your workout clothes. This again is something that will more than likely be recommended on the tags of the clothing. As a general rule, it’s always smart to check these tags before doing any washing! For more basic workout gear like cotton shirts or socks, always wash in high temperatures. Lastly, leave your clothes to dry in the open and never use the dryer for them. This causes your clothes to shrink so then they’ll be smelly and too small! 

Come to 4J Laundromat for Expert Laundering Services!

Now that you know how to wash workout clothes, you might feel exhausted just hearing about the process! Not to worry, the experts at 4J Laundromat provide full-service laundering solutions to completely erase any odor from your clothing! For busy customers who are always on the run, we even have drop-off and pick-up services so that your day will never be interrupted. Connect with someone at 4J  today to find out more!

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