Winter Coat Wonderland: Tips To Wash Your Winter Coat Effectively

January 08, 2024

Winter Coat Wonderland Tips To Wash Your Winter Coat Effectively

Hello, winter! Now that the temperatures are dropping and snow is falling, it’s important to bundle up in your favorite winter coat to enjoy all this season has to offer. To keep your go-to winter coat around for the long run, you must make sure it is washed properly. In fact, many people are not sure how to wash winter coats the right way which can cause damage to the jacket’s fabric.

When it comes to washing a winter coat in a washing machine and drying your coat right after, you’ll want to follow these top tips on effective winter coat washing:

Pre-Washing Machine Prep

Winter coats should always be washed by themselves. Winter jacket fabrics are different from everyday clothing and require a little more attention than just adding them to our pile of dirty laundry! Before you toss your jacket into the washing machine, make sure its zipper and buttons are fastened and turn the jacket inside out. If your winter coat has any inner linings such as faux fur and can be removed, do so before putting your coat in the washing machine.

Winter Coat Washing

Once your jacket is prepped for the washing process, toss your coat into the washing machine. Be sure to only use liquid detergent for your winter coat as powder detergent may make a mess on your coat’s surface that can be difficult to remove. When washing a winter coat in a washing machine, you will want to refrain from using fabric softener as well as this may stain your coat’s fabric! Wash your winter coat on the gentle cycle at a low temperature or cold water.

Drying Your Winter Coat

When your winter coat is fresh out of the laundry machine, be sure to unzip and unbutton it and turn it in once again. It’s important to let your winter coat air dry outside or in any area that has great ventilation. While air-drying your winter coat may take a few days until it is completely dry, you can shake it down every now and again to move the process along! Now, you’re ready to spend this season doing what you enjoy the most with a freshly laundered winter coat!

For more advice like how to wash winter coats or when your hamper is piling up this season, contact us today and visit our laundromat for professional 24-hour local laundry services!

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