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How to Remove Allergens from Your Clothes in 3 Steps

April 29, 2024

How To Remove Allergens From Your Clothes In 3 Steps

As the Spring season approaches and the weather is warming up, those who suffer from seasonal allergies will need to prepare for the recurring arrival of sniffles and sneezes. The dramatic changes in temperature (and the growth of certain plants) bring forth consistent sickness every year. The month of March, in particular, is known to bring an abundance of tree pollen that can create allergy irritation and symptoms. 

When it comes to allergies, however, many people experience them year-round. Dust mites, pollen, and dog dander are the most common causes of allergies, and these contaminants often find a home in our clothing. While you get ready to combat both year-long or seasonal allergies, the first place you should start is your laundry. Here’s how you can kill allergens in your clothes!

Does a Dryer Kill Allergens?

Dust mites are the most commonly known allergen, and they reside within the fabrics of all of our clothes, bed materials, and furniture. Many people believe that running your dryer can kill allergens from dust mites quickly and effectively. Studies have shown, however, that drying your clothes or bedding, does kill the majority of dust mites, but it does not reduce the amount of dust mite allergens. Even at maximum heat and for extended periods of time, the drying process on its own is not enough to exponentially reduce allergens. 

How to Remove Allergens from Your Clothes

Clean your washer and dryer

As allergens can live in our clothes, they can live within our washers and dryers as well. In fact, many washing machines can grow certain molds and mildews inside of them. Fabric softeners may help combat itchiness, but excessive use of them or detergent can generate even more mold growth. Be sure to clean inside both systems, as well as the filters that can collect large amounts of dust.

Wash with very hot water

A study from the American Thoracic Society found that when it comes to killing dust mites (and similar allergens) in your laundry, the standard water heat settings simply won’t cut it. They found that washing your clothes in water that is 104 degrees kills only 6.5% of dust mites, while using water that is 140 F kills 100%. The very hot water was also found to remove allergens from pollen and dog dander more efficiently. 

Rinse with cold water

Some of your more delicate laundries can get damaged at these extremely high temperatures. Certain fabrics or materials are not meant to be washed or dried at this heat. In those cases, another way to kill allergens in your clothes is by running a regular wash and then rinsing the load twice in cold water for a few minutes each. This has proven to be equally effective. 

Rid Your Laundry of Allergens at 4J Laundromat

Having clean clothes, (free of allergens or dust mites), could be a game-changer for those who are dealing with seasonal allergies. As these washing processes can be a bit complicated, it’s best to visit a [full-service laundry service]( and gain expert advice from them! 4J Laundromat has state-of-the-art machines and years of laundering experience. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that your clothes are allergen-free! Give us a call today at (215) 334-2839 to drop off your laundry.

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