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Ridding your Clothes of Dirt, Grass, and Turf Stains

April 22, 2024

Ridding Your Clothes Of Dirt, Grass, And Turf Stains

With the pleasant weather from spring comes all the ways the outdoors can ruin your clothes. From grass to dirt, and even turf, your clothes are constantly victims of the outdoors. While getting stains is inevitable, we do have some useful tips for ridding your clothes of them. When it comes to keeping your clothes looking and feeling fresh, 4J Laundromat is at your service and is your guide when it comes to laundry and clothing care.


Dirt is mostly dust-based and can be powdery. Depending on the amount and thickness of the dirt it can also be a bit heavier if its more mud-based. Apply stain remover to the affected spot and lay the clothing on a flat surface. Targeting the dirt directly instead of using a washing machine leads to faster results and uses fewer resources. If you wish to make the task simpler, beating the clothing outside can remove a good portion of the dirt before washing. Of course, how much you have to clean will depend on the amount of dirt on the clothing.


Grass stains are a bit harder to remove. They are protein stains and ingrain themselves deeply into the fabric. Unlike dirt, you cannot tell if you have a grass stain based on texture alone. Apply cold water and stain remover to the stain as fast as possible and scrub the fabric quickly, but not too quickly. Too much friction could potentially ruin the material permanently and cause color fading or fraying. Gently massaging the stained area with a choice of stain remover and rinsing with cold water is your best bet. Make sure the stain remover is compatible with the fabric.


Artificial grass, also referred to as astroturf, doesn’t have the natural fibers or protein. Astroturf is popular because it never needs to be maintained. It will never grow, it doesn’t need seeds or water, and its color will never fade. Many professional sporting teams will use turf as a replacement for grass. Even junior sports for children will feature artificial grass. It has been reported that astroturf can leave black gloppy stains that can seem impossible to get out. Fortunately, there is a solution. While tedious, hand scrubbing the stained spots is the best way to clean the affected area. The amount of time required for scrubbing will depend on the severity of the stain. A standard wash doesn’t target the stain deep enough, so scrubbing is your primary option. Soaking the clothing in warm water with detergent like Shout will also help tremendously while scrubbing.


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