Celebrate National Laundry Folding Day This April: Here’s How to Fold Clothes to Save Space in the Dresser

April 15, 2024

National Laundry Folding Day

April 15th is National Laundry Folding Day! There’s been a good bit of talk recently surrounding a philosophy that suggests physically tidying up your clothes or organizing your belongings neatly can transition into an organized and successful lifestyle. There are actually even some studies that suggest having neat clothes and [cleaning your room can increase your mental health.

At 4J Laundromat, we are always looking to identify the best ways to fold clothes, and more specifically how to fold clothes to save space in the dresser! Clothes tend to pile up, and when clutter builds up, it can become difficult to find your favorite items and room to store them. We never want you to have to limit your wardrobe because there’s not enough space in your closets or drawers, so we’ve put together a few pointers on how to organize your clothes in drawers.

The KonMari Method

Marie Kondo is a Japanese interior designer and entrepreneur who has designed certain methods to utilize drawer space and get the most out of ordinary closets, dressers, bookcases, and more. Kondo has written four books that have all sold millions of copies, and you may know her from her hit Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.  

The KonMari Method for folding clothes is very simple but extremely effective! Instead of folding your clothes and storing them in drawers stacked on top of each other, it actually saves much more space and is generally more organized to fold them vertically. Almost designed to resemble a filing cabinet, all of your t-shirts or pants can be easily accessible when you want to wear a specific item. When you’re at the laundromat, we suggest that you fold your clothes using the KonMari Method and place them in bins so that when you arrive home, you can place them right in!

Know that you’re familiar with the KonMari method, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to organize clothes in your dresser today:

Step 1

Lay your clothing item on a flat surface and run through it to flat out wrinkles.  

Step 2

Fold one side of the shirt down the middle, and fold the sleeves in. Then do the same thing to the other side of the shirt.  

Step 3

Fold the shirt from the bottom half up, like you’re folding it in half horizontally.  

Step 4

Start from the bottom and fold into the three sections.  

Step 5

The clothes should be able to stand on their own! Place them upright in your drawer for maximum space.

4J Laundromat Is Your 24-Hour Laundromat

The best ways to fold clothes don’t always need to be complicated, and neither should actually washing and drying all of your loads. Laundromats should work on your schedule so that you don’t need to worry about your clothes piling up when you’re busy. If you’ve ever thought “I wish there was a 24-hour laundromat near me”, look no further than 4J Laundromat!

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