Preventing Mildew and Bacteria in Towels

April 08, 2024

Preventing Mildew And Bacteria In Towels

Towels are often considered the most important pieces of laundry to keep clean, soft, and fresh - everybody loves a nice soft towel after a shower or when stepping out of the pool! But even with the most tedious washing, mildew and bacteria can still build-up. Fortunately, we at 4J Laundromat have a list of tips and tricks to help kill the growth of bacteria and mildew.

  • Fluffier towels: You can easily keep your towels nice and fluffy by shaking out the towels after being washed and before placing them in the dryer, and once again after as you fold them!

  • Keeping your washer clean: If you’d like to clean your washing machine, you can run an empty load with ¼ cup of bleach to sanitize. If you are washing your towels and they continue to have a smell or lack freshness, this may mean your towel or machine contains mildew and needs a fresh clean.

  • Drying your towels: Always hang up a towel to dry after each use. The buildup of bacteria only worsens if a towel is not allowed to completely dry between uses.

  • Softer towels: If your towel begins to feel scratchy, try reducing the amount of detergent you use.

  • Cleaning properly: Make sure you are cleaning your towels frequently. Going too long without washing your towels can build up bacteria and may be unsanitary.

Are you having trouble keeping your towels as fresh and clean? Stop in to 4J Laundromat and we will give a helping hand with our 24-hour drop off service! For more information, give us a call at (215) 334-2839 or visit us online.

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